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Not sure which insects your garden birds will enjoy best? Why not test both of our insect feeds and see which they favour? Plus, with big bundle discounts, you can save over 20% when compared to buying insect feeds individually. This bundle contains:

- Dried Mealworms
- Dried Calciworms

Save up to 34% when compared to purchasing separately!

Packaging: Each insect feed is packed in individual resealable Grip Seal pouches for your convenience. Choose from a variety of weight options ranging from 500g to 20kg

Which birds eat mealworms and calci worms?

Many birds are insectivorous, meaning they live off a healthy balance of both seeds and a range of insects. Insectivorous birds you can expect to attract include:

Blue Tits, Great tits, House Sparrows, Blackbirds, Robins, Starlings, Thrushes

How do I feed mealworms and calci worms to birds?

Insects are a super easy feed. Simply add two or three handfuls to a small dish and leave outside on a table. Alternatively, for smaller birds, mix in with other seed, fruit or suet pellets for a more balanced diet.