Grass Greening Iron Sulphate

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Turn your lawn a luscious green with this specifically designed grass-greening iron sulphate (Ferrous Sulphate) from Feeds & Seeds. 

  • 100% grass-greening guarantee
  • Test and approved by our in-house garden team
  • Ideal for patching dog urine stains
  • Delivered in resealable Gripseal bags
  • Available in sizes from 250g up to 20 kg
How do I use this iron sulphate to 'green up' my lawn?

To green up your lawn we'd recommend using a 1% solution, dissolving 1g of iron sulphate per litre of water. You should then distribute 1 litre of water per square metre of lawn.

If, over the first week, the grass doesn’t show much change, then increase the percentage and water the lawn again.