Soil De-Acidification Iron Sulphate

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Create the perfect soil for your ericaceous plants using our specifically designed soil de-acidification iron sulphate (Ferrous Sulphate) from Feeds & Seeds. 

  • 100% soil de-acidification guarantee
  • Test and approved by our in-house garden team
  • The perfect blend of iron and sulfur for soil de-acidification
  • Delivered in resealable Gripseal bags
  • Available in sizes from 250g up to 20 kg
How do I use this iron sulphate to de-acidify my soil?

To de-acidify your soil for your ericaceous plants such as Azaleas, Camellias and Rhododendrons, we recommend using a dosage of 20 grams per litre of water. Distribute the water at 1 litre per square metre.