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Every serious pond owner should have a bag or two of PDV pond salt on hand throughout the year. Not only does it boost your fish’s natural defence against disease, but it also adds a range of beneficial electrolytes that help your fish thrive.

The PDV Pond Salt available from Feeds & Seeds is the highest quality pure dried vacuum salt that is tried, tested and approved for absorption in freshwater ponds. Our pond salt is proven to:

- Reduce stress and improve fish health
- Help reduce the toxicity of high nitrite levels
- Improve colour and appetite of fish
- Aid the healing of wounds and ulcers

What is the recommended dosage for PDV Pond Salt?

The recommended dosage for our PDV Pond Salt is 40g per 10 litres (1oz per two gallons). So, for a 1000 litre pond, you would need 4kg of pond salt. Or for a 1000 gallon pond, you would need 500oz of pond salt.

How often should I add PDV Pond Salt?

PDV Pond Salt will not evaporate or get filtered out, so the only time you need to add more salt is when you change out your water.