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Crafted from a nutritious mixture of real dried British berries, human-grade suet and fresh peanut flour, our ready for pecking suet pellets are the ideal way to treat your garden birds to a colourful, high energy feast.

- Premium Berry Flavoured Suet Pellets for birds
- Made from real British dried berries 
- Feed by table, feeder or simply scattered on the ground 
- Packed in resealable Gripseal bags for your convenience 

Birds that typically love our berry-based suet pellets include:

Robins, Wrens, Tits, Blackbirds and Song Thrushes.

What are your berry-based suet pellets made from?

We care a lot about our birds so have spent a lot of time perfecting our suet recipes. As such, we can’t give a direct breakdown of our exact recipe. However, the main ingredients include:

- British dried berries
- Human-grade suet (what works for us, should work for our feathered friends)
- Peanut flower

We don’t use wheat-based flour as we find this product tends to attract a large variety of unwanted birds such as pigeons.

Why are berry-based suet pellets good for birds?

There are a variety of reasons why you may choose a berry-based suet pellet over other suet alternatives. These include:

- Berries are very easy for the birds to digest and can help aid the metabolism of feeds with a higher fat and oil content
- Berry based suet is a reliable source of feed for wild birds at any time of year
- Beak size nibbles are suitable for both adult and fledgling birds

Packaging: Choose from a variety of weight options ranging from 500g to 20 kg. All our bird feed is packed in resealable Grip Seal pouches for your convenience, which can be used for a variety of further purposes or recycled.