Sunflower Hearts for Birds

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Offer your birds the high energy, protein-packed feed they need to thrive with premium-grade sunflower hearts from Feeds & Seeds. Our sunflower hearts are:

  • Premium quality whole sunflower hearts, no chips or filler seed guaranteed 
  • No grow, no mess guaranteed 
  • Ideal for attracting Finches, Sparrows, Nuthatches and Tits
  • Packaged in recyclable Gripseal resealable bags for your convenience 
Bird species that typically enjoy Sunflower Hearts include: Finches, Sparrows, Nuthatches and Tits. Pretty much all birds enjoy sunflower hearts, so you will be surprised by the wide range of bird species this seed attracts.

How to feed Sunflower Hearts to birds?

Our sunflower hearts are suitable for feeding by a table, feeders or simply scattering on the ground. The perfect no grow, no mess bird feed. 

Why are Sunflower Hearts good for birds?

Packed with healthy oils, protein and high energy fats, Sunflower Hearts are a much sought-after treat for birds throughout all seasons of the year. The benefits of providing Sunflower Hearts include:

- Highly sought-after seed that will attract a wide variety of birds to your garden
- Great value bird feed, choose bulk 25kg sunflower hearts for the best savings
- High energy bird seed that will help birds thrive during spring and winter seasons
- Packed with a variety of nutrients that help chicks and young birds grow

Packaging: Choose from a variety of weight options ranging from 500g to 25 kg. All our bird feed is packed in resealable Grip Seal pouches for your convenience, which can be used for a variety of further purposes or recycled.

What our customers have to say...

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"We love watching the birds in our garden and these are the big favourite of the goldfinches and green finches who visit our garden. Also popular with blue tits and great tits."

Mark Robinson

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"If my garden birds could speak, they'd want you to know that these are currently their favourite treats."

Jenny Coates

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"The Goldfinches really love this stuff. There have been times when up to 10 goldfinches have been on the feeder at once, joined by robins, all sorts of tits, sparrows etc."

Lynda Brooks