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Help your birds stay healthy and energised with Premium Super Suet Balls from Feeds&Seeds. Made from an expert blend of insects, delicious beef suet and peanut flour, these Super Suet Balls are packed with the easy-digestible calories your birds need to thrive.

Fun fact: Our Premium Super Suet Balls contain 50% more calories than traditional fat balls.

Birds that enjoy Premium Super Suet Balls include: Robins, Wrens, Tits, Blackbirds and Song Thrushes.

What are your Super Suet  Balls made from?

We care a lot about our birds so have spent a lot of time perfecting our suet recipes. As such, we can’t give a direct breakdown of our exact recipe. However, the main ingredients include:

- Beef suet (human-grade, because what works for us, should work for our feathered friends!)
- Wheat flour
- Peanut flour
Alongside a small amount of rapeseed, millet and linseed to help bind it all together.