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Protect your lawn from moss and add that vibrant, luscious green we love, with high-quality iron sulphate (Ferrous Sulphate) from Feeds & Seeds. This iron sulphate is:

- High-quality and uncut, ensuring you are only adding pure iron sulphate to your lawn
- Designed to be applied either dry or diluted with water
- Delivered in resealable Gripseal bags
- Available in sizes from 250g up to 20 kg

How do I use your iron sulphate?

Iron sulphate can be used in a variety of ways. Take a look at our recommended dosage below:

Iron Sulphate for Moss

If you’re using iron sulphate to control moss, we recommend applying it dry during rain or when it is forecast to rain. Simply sprinkle the powder at a rate of 5-10 grams per square metre of lawn. If no rain is forecast, just dissolve the 5-10 gms per litre of water and spray using a watering can or sprayer.


10m2 Lawn Use 80g in 10 litres of water
100m2 Lawn Use 800g in 100 litres of water
1000m2 Lawn Use 8kg in 1000 litres of water

Iron Sulphate for Grass Greening 

If you are already moss free and just want to condition and "green up" your lawn, first do a sample patch with a 1% solution (1 gram per litre). If it doesn’t show much change then increase the percentage but be careful not to overdose the grass. Increase the percentage a little at a time, too strong will damage the lawn.


10m2 Lawn Use 100g in 10 litres of water
100m2 Lawn Use 1kg in 100 litres of water
1000m2 Lawn Use 10kg in 1000 litres of water

Iron Sulphate to Acidify Soil

You can also use Iron Sulphate to acidify your soil for your ericaceous plants such as Azaleas, Camellias and Rhododendrons. This will help lower the PH of your soil and make it easier for plants to absorb nutrients. The dosage for this is 20-35 grams per litre of water.

10m2 Garden Patch Use 200g in 10 litres of water
100m2 Garden Patch Use 2kg in 100 litres of water
1000m2 Garden Patch Use 20kg in 1000 litres of water

If you’re feeling a little unsure about the exact dosage for your lawn, try not to worry. You can’t really go wrong with iron sulphate and you can quickly scale up and down the amount you’re adding.

What’s the difference between Ferrous Sulphate and Iron Sulphate?

There is no difference. Iron Sulphate is just the more common name for Ferrous Sulphate. Iron sulphate is an excellent moss killer and will help “green up” your lawn during spring, summer and autumn.