Millet Spray for Birds

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High Protein, Low Fat Spray Millet for Birds.

If you’re looking for a stimulating and entertaining treat for your birds, then look no further than this nutritious spray millet. High in protein, fibre and a variety of minerals, this seed also happens to be low in fat and helps in the digestion process.

Bird species that typically enjoy Spray Millet include: Budgies, Parakeets, Cockatiels and Parrots

What is Spray Millet?

Spray Millet is a stalk seed that offers your birds stimulation and entertainment as it satisfies their need to forage its own food. It also has a very appealing texture and taste.

Why is Spray Millet good for birds?

Birds are natural foragers. Whether they’re pecking at the ground or harvesting their own seed, birds usually spend their natural lives sourcing food. This is the key thinking behind Spray Millet. The stalk design means the bird has to dehull and harvest their own food, making it a more natural way to feed your birds. Further benefits include:

- High in protein but low in fat, making it an ideal treat during moulting or breeding season
- Highly alkaline carbohydrate, making it easier for your birds to digest
- Rich in a variety of minerals such as phosphorus, calcium, iron, niacin, and riboflavin

- Entertaining to watch birds harvest their own food

Packaging: Choose from a variety of weight options ranging from 500g to 20 kg. All our bird feed is packed in resealable Grip Seal pouches for your convenience, which can be used for a variety of further purposes or recycled.