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Brambles Hedgehog Food is the premium supplementary food used to attract hedgehogs into your garden. The food is expertly designed to offer hedgehogs the right balance of nutrients, vitamins and minerals they need to thrive, while also offering a crunchy texture that improves their dental health. Plus, as a bonus, you can rest assured that there were no artificial colours or sugars used to make this product.

How do I feed by Hedgehogs/Hoglets?

Leaving out Brambles Hedgehog Food regularly will encourage hedgehogs to visit your garden all year round. To feed your hedgehogs, we recommend placing 20g in a shallow dish just before dusk in a quiet area of the garden. You could also leave out a shallow dish of water too.

Packaging: This feed is delivered in a 2.5kg weight option and packaged in a resealable Grip Seal pouch for your convenience.