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Made from an expert blend of human-grade suet, wheat, oats and sunflower seeds, these Fat Balls are guaranteed to attract a wide variety of birds to your garden while also providing the nutritionally balanced feast they need to thrive.

Birds that typically love our Fat Balls include: Robins, Wrens, Tits, Blackbirds and Song Thrushes.

What are your Fat Balls made from?

We care a lot about our birds so have spent a lot of time perfecting our suet recipes. As such, we can’t give a direct breakdown of our exact recipe. However, the main ingredients include:

- Human-grade suet (what works for us, should work for our feathered friends)
- Wheat
- Oats
- Sunflower Seeds
- Peanut flower

We don’t use wheat-based flour as we find this product tends to attract a large variety of unwanted birds such as pigeons.

Packaging: Choose from a variety of weight options ranging from 500g to 20 kg.

What our customers have to say...

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"The fat balls are brilliant, my wild birds absolutely love them, always top quality and quick delivery."

Nigel Watson

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"Great service. Fat balls are well packed and prompt delivery. Very satisfied with product quality."

Paula Sutton

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"Purchased 20 fat balls for my birds to try. Good value, packaged in recyclable materials and delivered quickly too. "

Nicola Taylor