Dried Calci Worms for Birds

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High fat and calcium dense, dried calci worms are the ideal way to entice hedgehogs and wild birds to your garden. Our calci worms are: 

- 100% premium, natural calci worms with no additives 
- Safe to feed hedgehogs, garden birds and other wildlife
- Packed in calcium to aid stronger bones and shiny feathers 

- Packaged in recyclable Gripseal resealable bags for your convenience

Wildlife that typically enjoys Dried Calci Worms include:

Hedgehogs, Robins, Wrens, Tits, Blackbirds and Song Thrushes.

How do I feed Calci Worms to birds and hedgehogs? 

Calci worms are suitable for feeding by table, in a bowl, feeder or simply scattered on the ground. However, to give your local birds an extra juicy treat, you can also soak your Calci worms in water to hydrate. 

What are Dried Calci Worms?

Calci worms are the larvae of the black soldier fly. These larvae are dried out to ensure they retain all their protein and fat while also being easy to store, transport and are affordable.

Why are Dried Calci Worms good for birds?

Calci worms are lower in protein than mealworms but contain higher amounts of fat and calcium. This makes them an ideal feed for birds around breeding and egg laying season, ensuring healthy, thick egg shells.

Packaging: Choose from a variety of weight options ranging from 500g to 12.55kg.