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Keep your furry friends happy and healthy with Premium Quality hamster feed from Feeds&Seeds. Made with the help of a small herbivore specialist, this mix is the perfect blend to keep both young and old hamsters happy and healthy. 

  • Fresh, premium quality grains and cereals loved by Hamsters including Alfalfa, Flaked peas, Straw, Flaked Maize, Oats, Wheat, Flaked wheat, Extruded locust beans, Anise, Fenugreek oil and Soya oil
  • Crafted with the help of a small herbivore specialist, this formula is suitable as Syrian hamster food, Dwarf hamster food, Gerbil feed and Mouse food
  • Our hamster feed is packed full of the natural proteins, minerals and vitamins your hamsters and gerbils need to remain in peak condition
  • Our hamster food mix only contains the pure grains, seeds and cereals that hamsters actually eat. That means no filler seeds, no powders and absolutely no sawdust.
  • Packaged in Gripseal resealable bags and delivered in a secure box for your convenience

Guaranteed: No Sawdust / No Filler Seed / No Powders 

What is your Hamster Food made from?

We care a lot about our hamsters so we have spent a lot of time formulating and perfecting our seed mixes. The main ingredients of this mix include:

- Alfalfa
- Flaked peas
- Straw
- Flaked maize
- Oats
- Wheat
- Flaked wheat
- Extruded locust beans
- Anise
- Fenugreek oil
- Soya oil

As with all Feeds & Seeds products, this seed mix has been tried, tested and loved by hamsters, so we can guarantee your hamsters will love it too.