Mixed Canary with Egg

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For a healthy, cost-effective seed mix that is ideal for feeding cage or aviary birds, look no further than Bamfords Top Flight Mixed Canary with Egg. Made using a blend of canary seed, black rapeseed, linseed, hemp, niger and egg biscuit, this mix will cater to all your bird’s nutritional requirements while also offering an extra dose of protein that is proven to improve skin condition, quality plumage and overall organ health.

What is your BTF Mixed Canary with Egg mix made from?

Bamfords Top Flight Mixed Canary is made from a blend of:

- Canary Seed
- Black Rapeseed
- Niger
- Hemp
- Naked Oats
- Linseed
- Wild Seeds
- Egg Biscuit

Packaging: Choose from a variety of weight options ranging from 500g to 20 kg. All our bird feed is packed in resealable Grip Seal pouches for your convenience, which can be used for a variety of further purposes or recycled.