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We know that trialling new bird feeds can often be expensive. That’s why we’ve developed the taster pack, a new product that offers you 10 premium bird feeds for only £5. This way you can trial different feeds without having to purchase in bulk. So, what do you get with the tester pack? It includes:

- Premium Dried Mealworms
- Premium Dried Calciworms
- Premium Sunflower Hearts
- Suet Pellets (Berry)
- Suet Pellets (Mealworm)
- Suet Pellets (Nut-Based)
- Premium Niger Seed
- Premium Black Sunflower Seed
- No Mess Wild Seed Mix
- Robin & Songbird Seed Mix

Each sample will weigh up to 100g, offering you plenty of new feeds to trial in your garden. 

Plus, as a bonus, each pack comes with a £5 discount on your next order. That way, you’ve really just tested a whole load of feeds for free.