Valentine's Day Bird Feed Box


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Our Valentine's Day Bird Feed box contains all the farm-fresh bird feed you need to ensure your local wild birds thrive this winter-time. This box includes:

- 10 Litres of Dried Mealworms
- 100 Fat Balls

How much do I save when purchasing the Valentine's Day Bird Feed Box?

This box saves you £6.98 when compared to buying our individual straight seeds. 

10 Litres of Dried Mealworms - £17.99 
100 Fat Balls with Added Sunflower Hearts - £13.99

Individual Price: £31.98 
Box Price: £25

Savings: £6.98

What birds can I expect to attract with the Valentine's Day Bird Feed Box? 

Dried Mealworms: Robins, Dunnocks, Greenfinches, Sparrows, Long-tailed starlings and wrens
Fat Balls attracts: Tits, Sparrows, Starlings, Blackbirds